Morocco’s Caravan Dakhla: Habitas’ new Sahara retreat revealed

By John O’Ceallaigh

Rapidly growing hotels group Habitas has opened its second property in Morocco. On the shores of the Dakhla lagoon in the southern strip of the country in the Western Sahara desert, the 24-room Caravan Dakhla retreat isn’t off-grid exactly, but it’s intentionally off the beaten path. Guests will typically need to fly firstly to Casablanca before catching a domestic flight to Dakhla Airport and then driving for half an hour.

Caravan Dakhla’s setting in Morocco’s Western Saraha

Already associated with out-of-the-way places, the Habitas team promises the property is worth the journey. Especially so if you’re a surfer. The resort’s seaside setting is something of a haven for windsurfing, kiteboarding and surfing, alongside kitesurfing (all different sports it seems). Developed in collaboration with the kiesurf brand Naish, an integrated kitesurf school features experienced instructors on hand to help aspiring kitesurf athletes of all abilities. The resort also offers a Surf Wellness Clinic that will complement surfers’ practice by offering fitness- and health-boosting activities and facilities such as a barrel sauna, cold plunges, XPT Fitness Training, primal flow movement and yoga, not to mention IV drips, expert massages and breathwork. Away from the water, guests can also give mountain biking and off-roading a go.

Saving things from becoming too strenuous, guests can also engage in cultural activities inspired by the surrounding region and Morocco more generally. Expect Sahrawi tea ceremonies, local-artist collaborations and live music. At the restaurant LEvante, you’ll find a seafood-focused menu that fuses Moroccan and Latin American influences. There’s a bar too, and an outdoor cinema. The resort also includes an agora, one of the Habitas brand’s signature communal gathering spaces. The team are hoping this will prove to be a social spot.

As for accommodation, Caravan Dakhla features three room categories, differing in view as well as size. They vary from traditional riad-style rooms to modern villas and lodges, though all offer outdoor showers and patio decks. 

Habitas’ preexisting Moroccan property is Caravan Agafay, a desert retreat about 45 minutes from Morocco. More Morocco brands are set to follow from Habitas in time, while fans of kitesurfing might also like to know that the recently opened Fuwairit Kite Beach in Qatar is another property that is being pitched as a perfect place to practise the sport.

Rooms at Habitas Caravan Dakhla start from MAD1,650 (£130) per night. LUTE can provide exclusive extra benefits with every booking: email for more info. 

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